Nov 24, 2009

Work on earth is never done....

Work around the farm never seems to cease, for those of us that farm this is an understatement, for those that don't we do it because we love it! Saturday was a day to rejoice and get much needed chores done outside.  I was blessed with good weather and plenty of sunshine.  Something not seen these days in East Tennessee.  I cleaned the summer junk out of the barn, unloaded feed and placed it in barrells, shoveled stalls and moved sheep, trimmed hooves and wormed everything on the hill.  I have started an organic worming process and I will update you on how that goes as we progress toward the next few weeks and I can tell if it has taken care of the parisite program.  Wade also worked hard trimming trees, mowing the grass and weedeating, digging the watering hole out for the cows and the mule and donkeys, and numerous other odd jobs that need done.  We are all geared up for Thanksgiving and we have so much to be thankful for.  Our family, friends, our health, good church, the blessings the good Lord bestows upon us each and everyday. 

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