Feb 3, 2010

Pictures From Around the Farm......

These first few pictures are of the new property.

A view down the bottom side of the property.

From a top of the first rise looking up.

Now looking down from the top of the line before the woods.

Down the old railroad bed that runs along the base of the proerty.

Wade looking at the pond wondering where to start with the clean up.

Now for the Lamb:  Look at this BlackFace momma nursing two white face lambs that are not hers.  She has turned into a buffet after weaning her own lamb.

We are just too cute running around in the snow.

Me and Mom just chowing down!

Look how sweet this little guy is!

Holly with ince in the sun.  I can take pictures that are not of animals sometimes.

An Old Gate

Sadie The Mule
The Rake.

I hope that everyone had a good yime looking at the pictures and getting to see what the view is from my backyard!  Stop by and chat if you can!