Jun 21, 2010

One in the Hand is better than two in the bush......

Or so the old saying goes.  This is a picture of a baby bird my daughter found inthe yard.  Ofcourse she wanted to keep it and I said...... What did you think I would say?..... "No!"  It has all of its feathers and its Momma was tring to teach it to fly, until you picked it up.   Go put it back!"  Oh that child!  What will I ever do when she leaves the nest?  This summer has been so busy, learning to drive, competeing in competitions, misson trip, and vacation! ..take a breath... and school will start before I know it!  I can't believe that summer is flying by and before I turn around I will have 16 year old junior in high school!

Well, I wanted to let you know that my friends over at Life on a Southern Farm are having a wonderful give a way!  They are giving a way one of their beautiful hand made nesting boxes. (No it is not for this little bird!lol!)  It is for all those chicken farmer's out there.  They have them for every size flock out there both standard and bantum breeds as well!  I sure hope I win!  I have been loning for one of these nesting boxes for my five little hens for some time now.  They deserve a proper place to lay eggs instead of sharing with those pesky old sheep who share their hay bale unwillingly with them.  Man is it ever hard to find those eggs some days!  Anyway, I am sure that if you stop by her blog you will find it is filled with quite the southern charm and youwill leave educated and return time and time again to see just what it going on in her neck of the woods!