Feb 18, 2010

So, it's been a while... The winter is still here and so is the snow...

So it has been a whlie since you all have seen the babies and all the furry around the farm.  We have been coverd in snow, and if not snow, then rain.  CAN I JUST SAY "I HATE MUD!!!!!!  Yes, my temper is getting flared over the weather but, we will weather the weather, what ever the weather, weather we like it or not.  I must remember "Spring is coming, Spring Is Coming!" 

Meanwhile in the middle of all the chaos I find peace in the barn.  Here are just a few pictures that graps the moments of peace I find.

Water that is not frozen is always welcome.

We like it too!  And, my have we grown over the winter.  These are the yearling Suffolk and Hampshire sheep we kept from last year.  They are all just turning one and have really bloomed here lately.  Emily showed these girls and it looks like some of them might get to be shown this year as well as yearling ewes!

And although blurry this is the veiw I see the most.  Everyone running around looking for me or a bite to eat.  I will be selling a small starter flock of Suffolk/Hampshire sheep.  This encludes a ram and three maybe four ewes.  Would be a great start for someone looking to get into the sheep business to who just wants a clean up crew for the property.  Hope you enjoyed your visit.  Leave a comment or two if you did.