Mar 19, 2010

I just couldn't stand it any longer!!!! They are just so darn cute!!!!!

Here they are:
So, a trip to Tractor Supply and I couldn't even help myself..........
I am now the proud owner of 13 little chicks...
3 white leghorn Pullets, 6 Buff Orphington Pullets, and 4 I do not know whats, but they all match!
So if you can identify them I would love to know what they are!  I know they are bantam somethings and a surprise is always nice!
Here are some pictures of the lambs.  They are really growing!
I tought once not inculde these really blurry pics, but, this is how they are.  One big blur most of the time.  Hardly ever standing still for anything.
Except to eat! LOL!
And, to look and see what I am doing! 
So leave me a message and help me figure out what these little chickens are!  I am so excited!