Mar 8, 2010

The day the Pygmy's took over the Farm!!!!

So, one week ago I took a huge leap and jumped into the world of the pygmys.  Goats that is!  You see I had a gentleman and his son who came and bought all of my hair sheep ewes for an FFA project.  While they were visiting with us he proceeded to tell me that if I got myself some small goats they would take care of the sage grass issues we have on the new property.  It is just covered in sage!, which is not good for hay fields.  As we have been planning to make this property work for us this was a natural and organic means of riding ourselfs of the sage.  Much cheaper too!  We would not need to spend as much money on gas and diesel and we will be feeding the goats at the same time.  So thus began my search for some small goats.  (I know your thinking just put the nubians out there Amy and let them work.  But you see, they are my babies and so particular, and I just can't if i want to milk them.) 

I ran across a good deal on these little gals.  All of whom are breed may I add and I did not pay a penny extra!
So meet the pygmys! 
 Starting from the left hand side and moving across we have:  Talula, and Celeste, and Scarlet.  These are full grown, full blooded pygmys.  Be hind them is Lula and Trula, named after my great-aunts.(They are the light tan ones, these are twin doelings who came with their mother who is not pictures and named Judith.)  They are 3/4 pygmy and 1/4 nigerian dwarf.  And then there is Helen , the black and white fancy goat.  I am not sure what she is but she is a looker.  Very striking.  She has twins already as well.
This is Emily holdong twin one who looks just like his mother although you can't tell cause eventhough it is 60 degrees outside Emily is still wearing her furry winter hat.  His name is Marshell.

His twin Tanya!
All of these goats were named by Emily.  Don't ask because I do not know the method behind her madness.  We also have two other girls who are bred and will be joining this gang, there names are silver, she is a nigerian and Naomi, who si an alpine/nigherian cross.  They both are in solitary confinment as they are close to delivering and are as mean as you can get until their babies get her and then they nicen up quite abit.  So lots of fun going on in the barn yard and on the new property. 
No other babies yet!  And we will see where this leads me!  I love your comments so drop a line.