Dec 8, 2009

Today is just one gloomy day here in Oliver Springs TN.  It has rained so much that I can hardly see straight.  The workers were only able to get the footers poured for our barn yesterday and with all this rain I am sure that they have not been to work today.  I am not complaining aas though it may seem, it is just so dang cold and wet.  I would much rather it be cold and snowing instead.  The Lord does know is best for us all and even though I think that a nice warm breeze and 85 degrees would be nice, he has chosen this.  I did fid anew blog to read today and as soon as I figure out how tolist it as one that I follow I will do so.  For now I will provide the link:  They are giving away a nesting box this week and I can not wait to see who is going to win.  I just got 25 baby chicks and in just a matter of months I am going to need one.  Anyway, check out her blog it is very interesting and I really enjoy reading about whats going on in her little neck of the woods.  I have included a picture of the view from my back door, the one out of the back of my classroom.  Yeah, it may not seem like much to you, but, I enjoy looking out of it as the seasons pass.  It is my escape when life with monkeys, the children, get's so much!  Lol!!!  Life really is good when I think about it!  I have so many friends who love to share their time with me, I teach children - how much more rewarding can you get?!  I have a wonderful church and church family and a great personal family! 

I have been working on this baby blanket for my cousin's baby.  He and his wife are missionaries to South Africa.  My prayer is to finish it  by Christmas and mail it tothem.  I only hope that customs doesn't take it.  They are so far away from home and without any family to celebrate the birth of their first child.  I hope that this makes it!  So, for those of you who pray, Pray hard for this to make it.